THE COMPANY – Message of the founder

"I'm the legend of this house and you interested, I will tell the story of this company, but very brief, which has its roots in 1930.

These roots as far away were inherited from my father, José Bernardino Coelho Júnior agent appointed in 1930 by the Customs in Oporto, having performed his duties until the year 1963.

After the death of my father, I joined the Broker Ernani Figueiredo, and therefore, assistant agent at this time, becoming agent in 1974, when he was named as such.

In 1974, year the Company shall become legal, I joined with Pereira dos Santos, create the firm Fernando Coelho e Pereira dos Santos Associados, Lda that would be laboring in these terms until the early 80's, year the death of my partner.

With this death and no interest of his family in this worthy profession, I continued the way now with my children, Jaime Coelho, Fernando Coelho and Luís Coelho, changing the name of the company for what is currently known, Fernando José Pinto Coelho Lda.

The company of today, is therefore designed in the early 80's is a family-oriented company that is at the forefront of the customs area, a company that has had a steady and balanced growth.

I would also like to mention, as it also is part of history, that during all the years of exercising this profession, my father and I never at any time, we had disputes or disagreements with any entities with which we interact, state or private. Our work has always been guided by honesty, rigor and competence.

Today, while writing these lines, I think that the Legacy was well past: the professional pride, the respect for customers, a passion for this work, the excellence in the know-how, the integrity and the accuracy remain as pillars that have always sustained our way.”


15/06/1931 - 16/02/2014


The Fernando José Pinto Coelho – Despachantes Oficiais, Lda obtained certification of Quality Management System according to NP EN ISO 9001-2008 under the Export, Import and Intrastat. In this field, the company underlines the growing strategic importance of this variable in the development and evolution of the customs sector.

The mission of Fernando José Pinto Coelho – Despachantes Oficiais, Lda is to contribute to a greater mobility of goods and services, facilitating any clearance.

Ethical behavior, personal and professional integrity guide the development of our activities; consider the primacy of the interests of our customers is always our ultimate goal.

Transparency is our requirement, reconcile the practices and principles of business with the interests of our clients, promoting sustainable policies, facing the market with the most exquisite professionalism.

The quality and well-being of our staff is the key to our success, to value and to reward excellence and efficiency, essential for the creation and value. Promote equal opportunities and seek help collaborators reconcile their family and professional life.

Not forgetting the past and how it was important in the formation of all values which are based on our structure, we'll head to the future, allied to modernity and aware of a policy of continuous improvement, meeting customer requirements.


- We must be ever vigilant, we must understand their needs and satisfy them.

- In our company, we want to create an environment that allows people to develop their skills, creativity and motivation to benefit our customers.

- Surrender in the work we develop.

- We set ambitious targets and use all the power to reach them.

- We base all relationships we have established on ethical principles of integrity.

- We seek tirelessly to overcome the expectations of stakeholders.


The services provided by Fernando José Pinto Coelho – Despachantes Oficiais, Lda must consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of its customers and other stakeholders, enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency in customs clearance..

Thus, the management of this company believes that the implementation of a Management System in accordance with the requirements of NP EN ISO 9001:2008 is essential for the pursuit of an image of excellence, particularly with regard to the high quality of the provided services in this area and good practice for all collaborators involved.

Importantly, the quality is not for Fernando José Pinto Coelho – Despachantes Oficiais, Lda an ephemeral goal, as such is committed to:

- Ensure that all collaborators understand and assimilate the quality objectives and their importance to the Organization, who are encouraged to contribute to the actions carried out and suggestions for their improvement;
- Create the conditions for the Organization's human capital has all the necessary skills to perform the functions assigned to it and actively participate in the detection and correction of deviations that may occur;
- Pursue and encourage, at all levels, the adoption of a philosophy of continuous improvement, in order to fully meet the requirements and expectations of its customers;
- Strengthen the ability to create value: the service quality and flexibility are the result of partnerships established with suppliers, so that the Organization put on the continuity of these relations of mutual benefit;
- Continuously improve the overall performance of System of Quality Management for the permanent focus on the strict observation and compliance with statutory, regulatory and legal requirements applicable.

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